Round Tree Bench Tree Bench Teak Teak Tree Seat Teak Tree Bench Round Tree Seat Round Teak Tree Seat Tree Seat Circular Tree Bench is an independent family run company who specialise in garden tree benches. We use the highest quality solid teak to craft our wooden tree benches which has been sourced from Indonesian government controlled sustainable plantations known as Perum Perhutani. This means the wood we use is always legal, can be traced from its source and the proceeds benefit the community by promoting fair-trade and ethically sourced tree benches. We at hand select the timber for its beautiful honey colour and grain to ensure a stunning tree bench is consistently made every time. do not and will never use illegal or inferior timber in our products. We craft our garden tree benches with individual care and attention to detail. We use a combination of the latest technology together with the very best carpentry skills to produce a tree bench that will last a lifetime. craft standard size tree benches, memorial tree benches and bespoke tree benches for both individual customers and commercial customers.

We have made circular tree benches for the NHS, Bradford University, schools, Kew Gardens, colleges and many other commercial exteriors.

We can also supply ground anchors for theft deterrence and inscribe stainless steel plaques. Our confidence is highlighted by the fact that we give a structural lifetime guarantee on all our tree benches.

Tree Bench – Round Circular Teak Tree Benches from the finest UK manufacturers

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