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Circular or Hexagonal Tree Bench – Which One is a Better Choice

Tree Bench Up CloseInstallation of a tree bench around the tree trunk is a great way to create an extra seating area in the garden and take advantage of the natural shade of the tree during the hot summer months. Tree benches help improve the garden's functionality and enhance its aesthetic appeal at the same time, of course, if chosen carefully. The selection of a tree bench, however, is not as easy as it may seem at a first glance.

Tree benches come in countless styles, shapes and designs although most people decide for circular or hexagonal design. Both are kind of a natural choice for a tree bench and go well with just about every garden style. However, many people are having difficulties deciding which one to choose. In reality, neither is better than the other although there are several factors that should be considered before making the final decision.

Like its name suggests, a hexagonal tree bench has the shape of a hexagon. It looks visually pleasing but its shape provides a seating place for six people only. Circular tree bench offers more seating space, however, the number of seats on a circular bench is limited if you decide for a design featuring armrests. In addition, tree benches in private gardens typically are not used by more than one to two people at a time because they are intended to provide an additional rather than the central outdoor seating area. After all, it is highly inconvenient to talk to a person hidden behind the tree trunk. The decision between circular and hexagonal tree bench is therefore primarily a matter of personal preferences and taste for style and design.

In addition to style and design of the tree bench, it is also highly important to pay attention to material from which it is made and the quality of manufacture. Tree benches are available in all the traditional outdoor furniture materials, however, no material blends as perfectly with the tree it surrounds and the rest of the garden as wood. But there are many types of wood with several important differences which are even more pronounced when they are used outdoors. Most types of wood are exceptionally durable but with the exception of a few such as teak, they do not withstand the outdoor conditions particularly well. With protective treatments and proper maintenance, their durability can be extended significantly. Despite that, they cannot compare to durability of teak for instance.

In the end, it is highly important to pay attention to quality of manufacture. Unfortunately, choosing teak tree bench for instance does not automatically mean that the chosen bench will offer you all the advantages of teak. Different qualities of teak are used for garden furniture making, while manufacture quality standards vary greatly from one brand to another. For that reason you are highly recommended to pay attention to details that reveal quality of manufacture or choose a tree bench made by a reputable brand.


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