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How to Care for Teak Tree Bench

BenchTeak tree benches are a popular choice due to teak's unique properties – highly appealing look, unparalleled durability, natural resistance to the outdoor elements and almost no care required. This exotic hardwood is resistant to water, UV light, wind, temperature changes and even termites as its natural oils work as an insect repellent. Unfortunately, teak tree benches are not entirely care-free although you will spend considerably less time for teak tree bench care and maintenance than you would for a tree bench made from other types of wood.

Unlike most other types of wood, teak is 100% weather-proof. It is unaffected by rain, sunlight exposure, wind and temperature changes which makes it an ideal material for tree benches because it does not need to be stored indoors during the winter. It does not need to be treated with water sealants nor protective paints either to keep it in top shape. However, it gradually begins to lose its distinct golden brown colour. This does not affect its durability, while aged teak has a highly appealing silver grey colour. But if you like, you can preserve its original colour with annual teak oil treatment.

As already mentioned earlier, teak is resistant to termites and other wood-eating insects which means that it does not need any treatment with insect-repelling coatings. Unfortunately, teak is not resistant to dust, dirt and bird droppings which means that a teak tree bench should be cleaned on a regular basis. This will not only make cleaning a less tiring and time consuming job but will also help prevent the dirt from leaving stains. The longer the bench is left dirty the greater the risk of stains which can be sometimes challenging to remove.

To keep your teak tree bench clean and good looking, you do not need any expensive cleaning agents. A sponge and soapy water will remove most of the dust and dirt as well as bird droppings but only under condition that you clean it on a regular basis. You are recommended to clean your teak tree bench at least once a week and be sure to remove leafs on a daily basis because they can leave stains if left to decay on the bench. Just as important is to clean up spilling accidents, especially wine and coffee as soon as possible to reduce the risk of stains.  

Stubborn stains that cannot be removed with soapy water may require more aggressive treatment. You are highly recommended to choose a stain remover which is labelled as safe for teak as many chemicals including bleach can damage the wood.

Untreated teak may eventually get affected by mould causing black patches. These cannot be removed with soapy water but need cleaning with more aggressive solutions. These can be made by yourself but it is a lot safer to choose commercial products specially made for teak. However, avoid using these products more than once a year because they do not just remove mould but a thin layer of the wood as well.


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