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Teak Tree Bench Cost

Tree BenchIn the showrooms and online galleries, all wooden tree benches look gorgeous. As a result, many people make a big mistake by focusing on aesthetic appeal and cost of the benches and paying little attention to the type of wood from which they are made. It is important to be aware that there is a major difference between different types of wood not only when it comes to aesthetic appeal but durability and care required as well. Quality types of wood such as teak are more expensive than those that need protection against the outdoor elements, however, they are a good investment and are typically less expensive in the long term in comparison to cheaper wooden tree benches.

Teak is not highly sought after only due to its unique aesthetic appeal but also due to its unique properties. It is one of the very few types of wood which are resistant to most outdoor elements including rain, sunlight, heat, frost, termites, etc. For that reason it does not need any kind of protection against the outdoor elements to keep it beautiful nor to extend its durability. Over time, untreated teak turns from golden brown to silver grey colour which, however, does not affect its durability. Teak tree benches can last a lifetime regardless if they are left to "age" or if they are treated with teak oil which helps preserve teak's golden brown colour.

Due to exceptional durability of teak, tree benches made from this type of wood are not as expensive as they may seem at a first glance. But they do not only help save money in the long term. Since teak is resistant to the harsh outdoor conditions, teak tree benches also help save time and effort required for care and maintenance which is worth a lot as well. All it takes to keep a teak tree bench looking good is regular cleaning with soapy water.

The cost of teak tree benches varies greatly from one manufacturer to another but it also depends greatly on complexity of the design, size, etc. Another factor that plays an important role in the cost of teak tree benches is the fact that they are usually custom made because their specific use makes large scale industrial production nearly impossible.

Although teak tree benches are a worthy investment and pay off over time, that does not necessarily mean that they must cost a fortune. Quality material and manufacture always have their price but it is worth to check the offer at several different places because the difference in price can be significant. Even a better idea is to consider buying a teak tree bench online. Firstly, the online offer is a lot better and secondly, buying online rather than offline can save you a great deal of money because lower operating costs enable online retailers to offer their products at significantly lower prices than offline stores.


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