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Tree Bench – An Extra Seating Around Your Favourite Tree

Teak Tree BenchCreating a comfortable and visually appealing seating area in the garden or backyard is never an easy job. The chosen garden furniture must enhance the garden's beauty, provide enough seating space and withstand the hostile outdoor conditions at the same time. But since it is very difficult to create an outdoor seating area that provides the perfect outdoor gathering spot for the entire family and offers a great view of the entire garden, many home owners decide to create extra seating areas in their gardens. These enable them to enjoy every square metre of their garden as well as feel closer to nature.

A tree bench is an excellent addition to garden furniture as it gives the garden an additional functionality without affecting its visual appeal. Like its name suggests, a tree bench is installed around a tree trunk to provide a cool shade during the hot summer days and to optimize space use as there are not many plants that grow well beneath trees, especially if mature. Just like other pieces of garden furniture, tree benches are available in many materials. But since they are installed around a tree, wood is without a doubt the best choice. There are, however, many types of wood each of which has unique properties.

Wooden tree bench creates a sort of harmony in the garden, especially if the type of wood and the style of the bench match the existing garden furniture. But in contrary with most pieces of garden furniture which can be moved indoors when the garden season has passed, tree benches are typically permanently mounted around the chosen tree. As a result, a tree bench needs to withstand weather extremes ranging from the summer heat to frost, intense UV light to rain, etc. Types of wood which are not naturally resistant to rapid changes in temperature and humidity levels, water and other outdoor elements such as wood-eating insects can be protected against the harsh outdoor elements, however, they are not as durable as types of wood such as teak which are naturally water-, insect-, and temperature-proof. Tree benches made from teak may be slightly more expensive than benches made from other types of wood but they are more cost efficient in the long term because they last for decades and require virtually no care.

Tree benches can be installed around just about every tree including newly planted one but it is highly important to pay attention to the tree's mature size and leave enough space for normal tree growth. Since trees come in various sizes, tree benches are typically custom made to provide a perfect fit. Basically, there are two types of tree benches to choose from when it comes to design – circular and hexagonal both of which may come with or without the back and without or without armrests, and may be added cushions to provide maximum comfort. As much as style is concerned, it is possible to find both contemporary and traditional styles making tree benches easy to combine with the existing garden furniture as well as the garden's overall style. 


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