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Why Choose Teak Tree Bench

Tree BenchTree benches are very popular garden additions because they help maximize the space available, provide a place to sit and enjoy the scenery, and give the garden an additional appeal. Since they are mounted around a tree trunk, they create a sense of harmony with the nature especially if they are made from wood. It is possible to find tree benches that are made from other materials too but none of them can create as pleasant atmosphere and blend as well with the surroundings as wooden tree benches. However, not all wooden tree benches are the same.

There are many types of wood which can be used to make tree benches. Each type of wood has a unique appeal and character but each type of wood has different properties which are highly important when it comes to outdoor furniture. In contrary to indoor furniture, outdoor furniture is exposed to harsh conditions marked by rapid temperature changes, humidity, wind, dust, dirt, insects and other animals that can cause damage in one way or the other, rain, UV light and a number of other elements which can affect the furniture's aesthetic appeal and durability. As a result, many pieces of wooden indoor furniture would deteriorate in a relatively short period of time if left outdoors despite the fact that they typically last a lifetime indoors. This is due to the fact that most types of wood are vulnerable to moisture, direct sunlight exposure, temperature changes and wood-eating insects such as termites. Water sealants, termite treatments and other protective measures keep the wood safe from outdoor elements and help extend its durability but you cannot expect from it to last as long as if it would be kept indoors.

The type of wood from which outdoor furniture is made is even more important when it comes to pieces of outdoor furniture which are intended to be left outdoors all year round such as tree benches. They are typically permanently mounted around a tree trunk and cannot be stored indoors during periods of bad weather. Wooden tree benches therefore need to be replaced even sooner unless they are made from a type of wood which is naturally resistant to the effects of the weather, termites and other outdoor elements that affect durability and aesthetic appeal of most types of wood. Although it may be hard to imagine wood not being affected by moisture, rapid temperature changes, insects, etc. there is a type of wood which is resistant to all the mentioned factors – teak.

Teak is a tropical hardwood tree which is highly sought after worldwide for its exceptional properties – resistance to most outdoor elements and outstanding durability. Teak garden furniture lasts about 30 years without any protective coatings and treatments. Some home owners treat their teak outdoor furniture with teak oil to preserve its distinct golden brown colour, however, it can be left outside all year round regardless if treated with teak oil or not because untreated teak furniture is just as durable. Teak is slightly pricier than other types of wood, however, teak tree bench is a good investment because initially higher cost pays off in the long term. In addition to being cost efficient, durable and aesthetically appealing, teak is also very convenient because it does not require any care other than occasional cleaning with soapy water.


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